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Grades 4-6

In addition to electrical phenomena, students in Years 4-6 will also take a closer look at climate change, the Earth's interior and kitchen physics.


The Energy Discovery Centre offers a range of workshops and a science theatre performance for 4th-6th grade students. We strongly recommend that you include lightning and static electricity demonstrations in your visit. Please make sure to book your class visits and, if necessary, the demonstrations can be done at a time that suits your group.

For a pupil coming to the Discovery Centre with a class, a ticket to the Centre costs €7, plus the cost of the workshop or performance of your choice. Participation in the demonstrations is included in the price of the centre ticket.

To ensure that your visit to the Discovery Centre supports as much as possible of the topics covered in the classroom, you can download worksheets and ideas for planning activities.

To book a group visit, click “Book a visit!” button. Once we have received your completed enquiry form, you will be contacted directly by the Discovery Centre administrators to finalise the details of your visit and confirm your booking. If you have any questions, we suggest you send an email to or call 5331 7307 (Mon-Fri 10am–5pm). We are happy to advise you on how to organise a group visit.