The film program consists of the planetarium film “Treasure Chest of the Layered Earth,” which introduces the Earth’s internal structure, plate tectonics, mineral resources and climate, and an interactive educational game that reinforces the knowledge gained from the film. The program with the educational game is suitable for students from the second grade.

If you wish, you can play the educational game in Quizziz with your smart device, both at the center and later in the school lesson to consolidate what you have learned.

The film is suitable for the second grade science subjects “Planet Earth” and “Estonian resources” and the third grade science subjects “Natural Phenomena” and “Relationships between living and non-living nature” and the geography topic “Geographical position of Europe and Estonia, topography and geology”. The program supports the treatment of topics that run through the curriculum within the framework of “Environment and sustainable development”.

Total duration of movie and game: ~60 min