Additional Activities

Lightning Man Show

The lightning demonstration is the main attraction at the Energy Discovery Centre. However, when the legendary inventor Aare Baumer steps into the huge Faraday cage and ends up face to face with the Tesla coils, which generate electrical current of up to 500,000 volts, it is no longer a simple demonstration, but a real show. Right in front of the audience Mr Baumer is dressed in a metal suit weighing tens of kilograms and sent into the cage to play with the lightning bolts. A tense experience is guaranteed!

The duration of the show is about 30 minutes.

Price: 120 € per show (all prizes include VAT)

Tour “A 100-year-old Power Plant”

The former Tallinn power plant built on Põhja puiestee in the early last century is an important building with a rich past in the Kalamaja district. We invite visitors on a guided tour to tell the story of electricity production and the plant built more than a hundred years ago. We will also show you the contemporary and significant exhibits of the Discovery Centre.

The duration of the tour is 30 minutes.

Price: 30 € per group

Party game “Deadly Tension”

There is no doubt that the introduction of electricity has been one of the greatest achievements of humankind. However, the history of electricity is also full of weird and even tragic events, and knowing them helps us appreciate how far we’ve come with electrical safety. This story is a true black comedy.

“Deadly Tension” is a party game hosted by the Energy Discovery Centre, which takes the participants on a journey through time and space. The players can test their logic and knowledge of history, solve tasks and look for hidden clues in the machine room of the former Tallinn power plant.

The duration of the game is 1 hour and up to 30 players can play at once.

Price: 7 € per participant; at least 10 participants

The Current Starry Sky

“The Current Starry Sky” is a planetarium show where we look at what’s going on in the sky right now. This means that the shows are never exactly the same! Planetarium Guide Rauno Pilvik helps us find the most exciting constellations and planets in the Solar System, which you can see with the naked eye when the conditions outside allow it, and he also explains how find the most exciting objects yourself.

The astronomy software used is Starry Night Pro Plus 7, the 3D database which allows us to see thousands of exoplanets, millions of stars and 200,000 galaxies, and which has more than a billion light years of space to travel through. The Starry Night database is constantly updated, as we are always learning something new about the universe.

The duration of the show is 30 minutes.

Price: 7 € per participant; at least 10 participants

Star Break

Is your convention day or seminar so busy that you don’t have time for a long break, but would still like to offer something different to the attendees? If so, we recommend  “Star Break”, which is the short version of the Planetarium show “The Current Starry Sky”. The short break allows the attendees to stretch their legs – the Planetarium is located on the lowest floor of the Discovery Centre – and look at the sky, which has been a source of inspiration to people throughout time.

The duration of the “Star Break” is 15 minutes.

Price: 3 € per participant; at least 10 participants