NSCF Conference 2018

This year the NSCF’s Annual Conference will be held 9–11 October in Tallinn, Estonia, hosted by the Energy Discovery Centre. Make sure to register before 1st September for the early bird discount!

The Conference is a great place to meet both small and large science centres in Scandinavia and the Baltics. This year we will be focusing on the development, funding of and cooperation between science centres. We’re hoping to create an inspiring atmosphere to generate new ideas, discussions, and find exiting ways of working together. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know our colleagues and network.

“Energy Discovery Centre is an example of a small science centre focusing on its own clearly defined topics. But there are a number of other exciting centres and museums in Tallinn to experience as well, and we’re happy to visit some of them with you during the Conference. We’re looking forward to seeing you all in Tallinn this fall!” said Krista Keedus, director of Energy Discovery Centre.

Registration is open.

Early-bird (until 31st August)

  • members 200 € / person
  • non-members 240 € / person

Regular fee (1st September till 7th October)

  • members 240 € / person
  • non-members 270 € / person

Also, here’s some practical information about getting around in Tallinn and a few deals for accommodation.


Tuesday, 9th October

16.30–18.00 Board meeting

If individual members would like to raise a subject for the meeting, please feel free to contact any of the board members!

18.00–19.00 Registration at Energy Discovery Centre

19.00 The Conference Opening and Welcome Dinner at Energy Discovery Centre

Energy Discovery Centre is housed in a 100-year-old power station, and the dinner will be held in the main hall – formerly the station’s generator hall, now renovated into a 1930s style spacious exhibition hall. Original turbines and generators are on display in addition to the exhibits of the history of electricity. Lightning demonstrations are performed there as well, which is why we also call it the Lightning Hall.

Wednesday, 10th October

9.00–9.20 Welcome by the Host and Chairman of NSCF

9.00–12.00 Sessions and workshops: Development

9.20–9.40 Presentation: Coding (speaker to be confirmed)

9.40–10.00 Presentation: Sustainability and the UN sustainable development goals (speaker to be confirmed)

10.00–10.15 Coffee break

10.15–12.00 Parallel workshops

Workshop 1: Trends. What are the exhibition trends for the next 3–5 years?

Workshop 2: Coding. What is going on in the Nordics and what can we learn from each other?

Workshop 3: Sustainability. How to make it work in our science centres?

12.00–13.00 Lunch

13.00–16.00 Sessions and workshops: Cooperation

13.00–13.20 Presentation: Value creation by cooperation (speaker to be confirmed)

13.20–13.40 Presentation: Cooperation in education and recruitment (speaker to be confirmed)

13.40–14.00 Presentation: Cooperation on exhibitions (speaker to be confirmed)

14.00–14.15 Coffee break

14.15–16.00 Parallel workshops

Workshop 1: Value creation. Can we find new ways to cooperate?

Workshop 2: Education. Let’s discuss possibilities of cooperation in education.

Workshop 3: Exhibitions. Let’s discuss possibilities of cooperating on exhibitions.

16.00–18.00 Visits to the Estonian Health Care Museum and Estonian Museum of Natural History

These museums are only a short walk away from the Centre and are excellent examples of “boutique-museums”, in a sense that they might be small in size, but are powerful in content. We’ll have time to visit both in the lovely Tallinn Old Town.

19.00 Dinner in the Tallinn TV Tower

The Tallinn TV Tower is an iconic building over here, but we’ll let them explain exactly why. What we will say is that we’re dining at about 300 metres off the ground and hopefully will have some great views of Tallinn, weather permitting.

Thursday, 11th October

9.00–12.00 Sessions and workshops: Funding

9.00–9.20 Presentation: Nordic funding possibilities (speaker to be confirmed)

9.20–9.40 Presentation: Funding from governments and regions (speaker to be confirmed)

9.40–10.00 Presentation: Alternative means of funding (speaker to be confirmed)

10.00–10.15 Coffee break

10.15–12.00 Parallel workshops

Workshop 1: Nordic funding possibilities

Workshop 2: Project ideas. Let’s discuss ideas and find possible partners

Workshop 3: Facts and figures. What do we need to present more concise reasons to fund science centres?

12.00–13.00 Farewell lunch at the Seaplane Harbour

The Seaplane Harbour is most definitely the most popular museum in Estonia, and with good reason. The architecture is amazing, the exposition exciting, and the location is just… well, cool. Also, they’re almost the Centre’s neighbours. If you have time after lunch, please feel free to stay for the tour of the museum as well.


If you have questions about the Conference, the Host, or indeed, Tallinn, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with:

Mrs Krista Keedus
Director of Energy Discovery Centre
+372 507 9077