Exhibitions for Rent

Energy Discovery Centre also offers exhibitions for rent and sale – it is possible to choose a whole exhibition or some of the exhibits. In addition we offer materials for thematic workshops and planetarium films produced by the Centre.

Architect Spider and Engineer Mole

The Architect Spider and Engineer Mole exhibition created in Estonia for pre-school and primary school children shows how different animals and insects build their homes and what people can learn from their engineering skills. Why are honeycombs hexagonal? Why doesn’t  a stork’s nest fall off the chimney top? Children will find answers to these and many other questions at the exhibition.

The exhibition also offers the joy of experimenting: children can crawl into honeycombs and mole passages, build a stork’s next, a house and a bridge, carry a snail’s shell and much more.

The texts of the exhibition are available in Estonian, Russian and English, and the necessary floor space is 100 m2.

The exhibition was created with the support of the Environmental Investment Centre and the help of the Estonian Museum of Natural History, Tallinn Zoo and the State Forest Management Centre.

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Discover the Art of Maths

Mathematics is much more than just formulas – it is also about the flight patterns of birds and the sequences of flower blossoms. Therefore, understanding maths is important in all walks of life.

The interactive exhibition Discover the Art of Maths gives simple examples that help to understand complex operations and the logic of mathematics. This exhibition focuses on geometry – visitors can solve tangram puzzles and play with matrix and rope sculptures. The exhibition is suitable for getting children interested in mathematics.

The exhibition has six hands-on exhibits.

Discover the Art of Maths was prepared jointly by the Swedish science centres Innovatum and Tekniska Museet, the Latvian Science Centre Z(in)oo, the Energy Discovery Centre and the Teacher Training School of the University of Helsinki. The exhibition has visited all of the four countries and was one of the main attractions at the reputable Bridges international science conference in 2016.

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